How can we know if our cat is happy and loves us? Through these signals:

  1. It uses you as a bed or mattress

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to sleep or watching the series you like on the couch. Your cat lies on your chest or on your stomach. That shows that he loves being with you.

2. Purrs when you stroke it

When we take it and we caress it purr of pleasure, it feels comfortable and enjoys our contact.

3. He rubs on you

Either the head or its body. The owners of happy and beloved cats attend to these unique caresses that these felines lavish on their owners when they come home from work or are cooking, for example.

4. Your cat looks lovingly at you

Sometimes your cat will focus all his attention on you and stare at you.  This often means that something you’re doing (or eating) is of great interest to him.

5. Your cat craves your touch

Either when he uses you like a mattress or when he is next to you, he demands pampering. To do this, he usually turns on his back and even meows to get you to listen to him.

6. Your cat leaves you “presents”

Cats can give their owners dead animals that they have hunted, like insects, a little mouse or bird (another good reason to keep your cat indoors!) … not the most pleasant booty, but for him, it is a great feat and he gives it to you as a sign of affection.

7. He calls you with his meows

Sometimes he demands your attention by meowing. Pay attention. It’s your cat’s way of communicating with you.

8. When your cat plays with you

Your cat will claim all your attention to play with you. And for that, it may bite you gently and even scratch you.  The little “love bites” and occasional scratching for them is common and is part of the game itself.

9. He loves to caress you

In addition to his meowing, he can claim your attention by caressing you.  It’s his way of telling you how much he loves you.

10. Your cat snuggles up next to you

If at bedtime he huddles next to you, it is an unequivocal sign that he trusts you completely, to the point of resting next to you in search of safety and warmth. What better sign that they love you madly?