There are many essential behavioral characteristics possessed by cats, one of which is rolling. It is very important to note that when a cat rolls, it practically tells a lot about their interaction with humans as well as their surroundings.

Creating Human-Feline Bond

Seeking attention is one of the key characteristics that can get your cat rolling on its back. If your cat flips on your feet or in front of you it is a clear indication that it needs some attention. Anytime your cat exhibits such behavior of rolling on your feet, top of its back, or the floor it really means that quality time should be spent with the cat.

Giving a positive response to your cat’s behavior pays by creating an organized relationship between you and the cat. Cats are always familiar with a continuous routine, so once your cat becomes comfortable with the established pattern, it becomes a routine.

Security and Comfort

It is also interesting to note that when cats roll it means that they are much more secure with you around them, a cat will never roll on its back in your presence unless they feel very much comfortable, safe, and secure. If your cats roll in front of you, it shows that the cat trusts you well enough to be around you, and it shows a very great sense of security which helps in increasing the opportunity for both of you to bond.


Mating is one of the essential behaviors that makes a cat roll on its back, specifically female cats will roll and rub their bodies on things when they are in heat. This simple act automatically sends a signal to the male cat that the sexual hormone of the female cat is fully active for mating. After mating, the queen [female cat] tends to quickly roll on the floor in order to clean the part of her body that was touched by the male cat.

Marking Territory

Cats are also responsible for marking territory by rolling on the ground. This whole process is done when a cat emits a scent that helps the cat keep away from other cats as well as possible enemies, so when the cat wants to protect its territory they do it by rubbing its whole body on the floor in other to induce a smell that will deter other felines from crossing its territorial zone.

It is best to note that for a cat to roll on the floor, your feet, or on something else there is always a behavioral response either to a human being or its surrounding.