In case you don’t know, every year 3 events are held dedicated to these wonderful animals that make our lives happy every day.

Do you want to know why there are 3 annual dates dedicated to felines?

I would tell you that they deserve this and more and that for me, every day is International Cat Day. And I go even further, I would like all this popularity to be translated into spreading messages of adoption and responsible ownership of these extraordinary beings with whom we have the privilege of sharing the planet. 

The love for cats is celebrated every February 20, but it also has a place on August 8 and October 29. Next, I will tell you what these dates are due to.

Why is International Cat Day commemorated on February 20?

This feline date takes place every year, on February 20, and its origin is quite peculiar and is linked to one of the most popular American presidents.

The reason for celebrating International Cat Day is due to Socks, the furry companion of the Clinton family (yes, those people who lived in Casablanca between 1993 and 2001 during the US presidency)

international cat day

Socks was adopted by the president’s daughter in 1991 and over time gained the attention and affection of Americans. And it was not surprising, he was gorgeous, had a black and white fur print, and seeing him on the lectern in the press room was quite a sensation.

This cat was an important member of the family and the media photographs of the cat with Bill on his shoulder, playing in the garden, running around offices, and even appearing in Christmas images in front of the tree were very common.

A few years later, Socks was diagnosed with cancer and after some time trying various treatments without success, they made the decision to end his suffering on February 20, 2009.

After his death, users on social networks echoed the sad news and declared February 20 as International Cat Day to remember Socks. 

International Cat Day: celebration August 8

The second date dedicated to these incredible animals is August 8. It is also considered International Cat Day, but in this case, its origin is due to the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW: International Fund for Animal Welfare), the organization that decided to dedicate a day specifically to them in 2002.

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Do you know why it is precisely on this date?

Do you know why it is precisely on this date? The reason is that in the northern hemisphere it is the time of year when felines are most likely to be in heat.

The reason for this commemoration is to remember that although cats are incredible companions for life, it is vital that we be responsible and aware of the care and attention they require.

This day is the perfect excuse to get to know the felines even better and therefore the IFAW usually makes recommendations in this regard to shedding light on the nature of these animals.

International Cat Day: celebration October 29

And since there are not two without three, here is the third date dedicated to the kittens. The celebration of this International Cat Day on October 29, is due to a woman named Colleen Paige, an expert in feline behavior.

Colleen’s goal was to make people aware of the terrible situation cats live in, especially those who live in the streets.

This day serves as a pretext to speak out loud about the consequences of abandonment and its goal is to promote adoption.

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