If curiosity killed the cat, what killed the dog? Who knows?

The comparison between cats and dogs has been the ultimate argument since the beginning of time among pet lovers. Over the years there have been strong claims on both fronts making cases for both cats and dogs.

Now What to Expect When Choosing Your Pet

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing either of these pets is the amount of time that would be dedicated to the pet. Dogs need much more attention than cats do. A cat does not need your reassuring cuddles or treats to remind them of your love, hell, they may not even care if you love them a lot, as long as they receive good care. The only thing a cat is passionate about is getting more treats and fed on time. If you own an outdoor cat (which we highly recommend against) then you might as well consider yourself having a wayward pet who comes and goes whenever they please.

Ever seen anyone taking a cat for a walk? I thought not, they do not need you to cross the road! A dog would always want to be around its owner for the petting, cuddles, treats, kisses (yes, you read that right) and more importantly, the words of affirmation, “GOOD BOY”. When considering picking between these lovely pets, ask yourself this – “Am I emotionally and physically available for constant cuddles or do I want a semi-independent pet that does not need constant attention?” (and might scratch you if you try to be too mushy.)

You must have already concluded that our furry canine friends are more expensive to care for than their feline compadres. Searching your pockets for the amount of love (money) you can offer may steer your heart in the right direction towards choosing the perfect pet. Although the heart may want what it wants, the pocket can only offer what it has.

Cats are generally less expensive to own than dogs. They groom themselves, ideally stay indoors and need less food. In fact, attempting to bathe a cat is an extreme sport. What cats save you on monetary costs, they often make up for by being emotionally and physically unavailable. Ever heard of therapy cats? I thought not.

Cats tend to have a longer life expectancy rate on an average of 12 – 14 years and can live till their 20s, probably because they don’t get to always deal with people’s shit on a daily basis. They probably just sense negative energy and skedaddle. However, dogs have an average lifespan of 7 – 14 years and legend has it that the oldest dog lived up to 29 years (and was most likely friends with a couple of cats.)


Dog and cat people may have good reasons for their personal preference. This disagreement stems solely from the position that one pet makes a better companion than the other. Now, as I said earlier, the heart wants what it wants. These two sets of pet lovers want what they want for all the right reasons.

Case for Top Dogs

First, while cats may play with the owner every now and again, dogs are the brightest bulbs in the room whenever they see their owner (or best friend.) Dogs are always willingly and readily available to engage in any kind of game for as long as you want. They are easy to train and teach different tricks. Some dogs are even trained to do actual jobs for their owners. This makes them quite useful to have around.

Second, dogs are easier to adapt to new environments than cats are. They usually are fond of their owners and may not care where they are as long as they will be with their owner (or best friend.) This makes a strong case for dogs as they care for you only, irrespective of where they might be. They just love being around you ALL the time.

Lastly, dogs will always put up a protective wall whenever they sense danger or feel you are threatened. A dog’s first reaction to the owner being threatened is to come to the rescue, while a cat would rather hide and save its skin (or purrs if you will.) The dog’s sense of smell also comes in handy.   Dogs can even sense when an epileptic owner is about to have a seizure, and help them through it.

Cool Cats

As their street name implies, cats are cool, calm and collected quiet creatures, who usually spend 80% of their time sleeping. Even if cats are feeling the need for attention, their meows are still not as loud as the barks from dogs. Cat people often prefer a serenely quiet and calm environment as compared to dog people. And it certainly is a great advantage to not have to walk a cat in the freezing winter or hot summer!

Second, cats are less expensive to maintain as stated earlier. Not saying cat people are broke people or anything (lol) but it is convenient. The fact that they do not need you for much is just a testament to the convenience level attached to being a cat owner.

Lastly, these feline creatures are the most independent domestic animals. They seldom make themselves available for love and care. They may rub against your leg or climb onto your bed once in a while but only when they feel like it. And cat people are comfortable with that.

Whatever pet you may prefer (and with this website, you know cats are #1 in my book) we can all agree that they are awesome companions!