Fleas have got to be one of the most disgusting and upsetting things to deal with.  These insects not only make your pets crazy with itching, but they can also bite the people in your family as well.  They can literally infest everything in your home.


Some years ago I adopted a cat named Yogurt from a rescue group.  I love all cats but have a special affection for torti cats, so seeing her sweet little face on Petfinder.com convinced me she had to join my little family.  I have had cats all my life and never had a flea problem before, but to my horror, I discovered that Yogurt was infested with the darn things.

I tried every commercial product on the planet but could not eliminate the problem, and I was very concerned that the chemicals used in these products would harm both myself and my other cat as well as Yogurt.


Thankfully I found a product that was totally non-toxic and could get rid of the fleas.  It worked by blocking the fleas’ respiratory system, in effect suffocating them.  Within a day’s treatment, the fleas were gone from both my cats and my home.  I’d been getting flea bites when I went to bed at night, and one treatment of my mattress stopped that completely.


I am confident this product will not only solve your flea problem but also is effective against ants and other pests we get in the summer.


It’s got a money-back guarantee!