If you’re a cat parent you’ve probably experienced your cat doing the nasty deed of “going” outside the box. Over the years of working
with pets, I have met many people with cats urinating on towels or dirty laundry. Another one of the popular places for cats to “go” is on
the rug in front of your shower. The nice thing is (if there is a nice thing to this scenario) these can be thrown in the washer to eliminate
the cat urine smell.

Get Rid Of The Cat Urine Smell

But what if your kitty decides to go on the couch cushion, sprays on the side of a chair, or goes in the middle of your carpet? No worries,
we’re here for you. If your cat pees on something that you can’t just throw into the washer, we have a few simple steps to resolve this

  • For fabric, while the area is still wet try to absorb as much of the pee as you can.
  • Re-soak the area with water and again absorb as much moisture as possible.
  • Apply an enzymatic cleaner to the area allowing it to soak in and completely dry to fully remove the smell

So don’t worry if your home is smelling like cat pee right now. With these simple steps, you can get that smell out and have a fresh home
again in no time. Remember, if your cat is peeing outside the box the first thing we want to do is get them checked by a vet. Inappropriate elimination is
often your furry friend trying to tell you something is not right.

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If this is a behavioral issue and not a medical issue, please click here to find helpful ways to get your kitties going back in the box!


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get rid of cat urine smell