As cat owners, we have the responsibility of keeping our cats happy and healthy.

Being a kind and loving “pet parent” can certainly keep your cat(s) happy.  Keeping our cat(s) healthy means being aware of any changes in our cats’ behavior and/or appearance.  When we become aware that something is wrong, we take the kitty to our veterinarian, and hopefully, it’s something that can be resolved simply with a prescription (my FREE pet prescription discount card can help save you money on your cat’s prescription medications.)

Sometimes your cat’s condition may be more complicated – for example, a chronic condition such as hyperthyroidism, chronic kidney disease, or FIV.

Traditional medicine plays a very important part in our cats’ lives.  What is gaining more acceptance nowadays is naturopathy for pets.  Animal naturopathy is an alternative form of healing using the only natural, non-invasive, drug-free methods to prevent and treat illness in animals.  In my case, for instance, while I take my cat with chronic kidney disease to a traditional veterinarian, I also will use a naturopathic product to help keep her kidneys stay as strong as possible, as well as a naturopathic “calming” product to help another of my cats who is very nervous and neurotic.

To get the full picture of available treatments for your cat(s), it’s a good idea to discuss your options with both a traditional and naturopathic veterinarian.  You can learn more about naturopathic products as seen on My Crazy Cat Ladies.

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