Hello, again my cat loving friends.  It’s me Tamale, with another cattail for you!  Now I know what you’re thinking…that cats are only good at two things, eating and sleeping, and occasionally being a mouser.  Nevertheless, I get fed great cat food so why on earth would I want to catch mice? Yuck!  I wanted a real job that I could do in between naps.  Well, my mom works at home so I thought she certainly could use a good office assistant.  Well, I wasn’t too confident that she’d want to hire me, even though I am perfectly willing to be paid in cat treats, so I decided to show her how effective I could be.

The first thing I did was snuggle up in her box of envelopes to keep them warm.  When she saw me she laughed but didn’t seem overly impressed.  So after racking my brain, I thought where she could really use some help is cutting up some paper.  Since I didn’t have a pair of scissors, which I couldn’t use anyway as I don’t have opposable thumbs, I started chewing on her copy paper.  Now I thought I did a great job, but wow was mom mad!  As you can see I did leave quite the mess.  So I guess I will go back to what I do best…hey, it’s nap time!  See you guys soon!