Feline otitis is the inflammation of the epithelium that lines the auricular pavilion and the ear canal. It is a condition that is usually common in young cats that have abundant fur in the area near the ears or spend a lot of time outside. That is why cats who spend many hours outdoors and are exposed to traces of dust and dirt are often victims of otitis..

It seems that the presence of the Otodectes cynotis* mite is the origin of this disease, although the bacteria Pasteurella multocida* , Pseudomona aeruginosa* , Proteus and E. coli or the Malassezia fungus* may be behind feline otitis. Likewise, the remains of dust, moisture, leaves and dirt can cause this ailment.

Symptoms of otitis

The most obvious symptoms that our cat suffers from otitis are the following:

  • Meowing a lot.
  • Dislikes having his head stroked.
  • The ears usually give off a strong odor and have a lot of wax.
  • The ears have redness and swelling.
  • Small bald spots can be seen in the area of ​​the ears caused by excessive scratching.
  • The cat maybe highly irritable …
  • If the pain is felt in one ear, it can manifest frequent head tilts to the side that hurts.
  • In addition to pain and discomfort, otitis usually causes hearing loss, so it is important to treat it as soon as possible so that the infection does not aggravate this problem.

Treatment of Otitis

If you notice some of the above symptoms in your cat and suspect that it has otitis, you must go to the veterinarian to examine the animal and confirm the diagnosis. If the ailment is finally confirmed, your veterinarian will prescribe antibiotics to end the presence of bacteria and eradicate the infection. If it is confirmed that it is caused by a fungus, instead of antibiotics, your vet will prescribe a fungicide to kill the microorganism.

On the other hand, if the cause of otitis is a leaf or other element that has been introduced into the ear canal, after its removal, your vet will most likely prescribe a  topical medication. Pain medication may also be prescribed.