In our efforts to help our readers we are introducing, for your convenience, a pet supply store. We’re not putting every cat product ever made in there, rather we are just going to offer products that we believe, both through personal experience and research, are among the best for your feline family members.

best guide on cat food in 2021

Although there is significant (quite a lot of) information about cat food in the Cat Chat Corner, we thought it would be helpful and interesting to write about a few of the most popular foods that you may find worth trying.


weruva cat food

I can honestly say this is the only brand of food that all five of my cats love, including Buddy, the most finicky cat ever. I personally buy Weruva OMG (Oh My Gravy) because of its moisture-rich content, but all of their foods are quite moisture-rich.  Weruva comes in both cans and foil pouches.   Their cat stew is an extra juicy variety with shreds or chunks of either beef, turkey, or chicken. They also offer pates and a classic cat variety, which is finely chopped or flaked.  Their Cats in the Kitchen is inspired by home-cooked family meals.  Weruva has the protein and moisture your cat needs without the fillers they don’t.  It’s a bit more costly than many other foods of lesser quality, but personally, I think it’s worth it.


Tiki brand cat food

Tiki brand cat food is another great quality cat food. Tiki cat foods are low-carbohydrate foods.  Some are only made of meat and supplements, unlike many brands that have lots of grain or other unnecessary things like vegetables that cats do not need.  I do buy this brand also to encourage my five cats to eat healthily.

Tiki offers many tasty varieties: GRILL has wet fish foods that are garnished with shrimp and prawns.


Tiki VELVET cat food

Velvet is a variety of Tiki cat food that offers smooth mousses for cats who prefer that texture.  ALOHA FRIENDS are foods supplemented with pumpkin.  I will say my cats are not too fond of this one —  the pumpkin is not a mixed-in puree, but rather tiny chunks of pumpkin.  I solved this problem by mashing up the pumpkin and mixing it in with the food.  AFTER DARK – contains organs which are very nutrient-rich plus muscle meat.  BORN CARNIVORE – a baked kibble diet.  On average this variety contains 44% protein and best of all doesn’t contain wheat, corn, potatoes, or rice.


wellness cat food

The CORE line of Wellness foods are made from high-quality ingredients and are rich in species-appropriate animal protein. Other Wellness varieties are not as good as the CORE line as they have higher carbohydrate levels than cats need. Most cats love Wellness cat food.


hills cat food

This is one of the most respected brands of cat food. Hills offers several lines of cat food including Hills Prescription Diet, Hills Ideal Balance, Hills Healthy Advantage, and Hills Science Diet. Hills Healthy Advantage is sold exclusively by veterinarians. Each food in this line has been formulated for five different health issues – skin and coat health, urinary health, weight management, digestion, and immunity. Hills Prescription Diet requires a veterinarian’s prescription. This line of cat food focuses on both special needs and health conditions including hyperthyroidism, diabetes, IBD, and urinary tract health.  The Ideal Balance line is made with natural ingredients.


blue buffalo cat food

Blue Buffalo is America’s leading natural pet food company. The company offers five cat food lines – Blue Freedom, which is grain-free, Blue Basics limited –ingredient foods, Blue Wilderness, a meat-rich food, Blue Natural Veterinary Diet, available only through veterinarians, and the original Blue.

We hope you find this article helpful when it comes to selecting the right foods for your felines. We always recommend consulting with your veterinarian on the proper diet for your pets.