A cat water fountain is a motorized pump that circulates water via a series of filters (or a single filter). It pushes the water up into a fountain stream or bubbler. This system of water movement helps to keep it clean, cool, and aerated – providing water that tastes fresher and better to your feline buddy.

Why should you get a cat fountain?

Your cat needs to drink more water every day, especially if they are on a dry food diet. A cat fountain is one great way to ensure your cat stays hydrated all day long. Cats, as it has been discovered, are naturally attracted to trickling or running water. Hence, a water fountain is a good investment to encourage a good drinking habit for your cat.

Adequate hydration will consequently improve nutrient absorption, enhance better digestion, and assist to flush out bacteria and toxins that can accumulate in your cat’s digestive and urinary tract. Has your cat ever suffered a urinary tract infection in the past? Then you should get her a cat fountain to avoid future infections.

Bonus pro: Are you tired of your cat going to drink from the toilet or sink all time? A cat water fountain is also an effective solution to encourage your cat to hydrate from their water bowl instead of the toilet bowl.

How often should you change the water in your cat’s fountain?

Your cat fountain should be cleaned every 3 – 4 days for several cats and about 5 – 6 days for just one cat. You should consider the number of cats you have, as well as if they have short or long hair. Keep in mind that long-haired cats will typically want more frequent cleaning.

Top 5 cat fountains

1. Catit Flower Cat Water Fountain

Do you have a picky drinker? Well, not anymore! The Catit Flower Pet Fountain is a colorful and inviting water bowl that is sure to be your cat’s favorite. It is an innovative fountain that features a unique and customizable design, encouraging your buddy to drink more water to keep her hydrated and healthy.

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It comes with 3 water flow settings, so you can switch between a faucet-like stream, a bubbling top, or a calm flow of water. So enticing your fussy pet to have a drink has never been easier. While your cat enjoys a continuous flow of cool water, there’s a triple-action filter that removes dirt, odors, calcium, and magnesium. Unlike other cat water fountains, this beauty does not give room for debris to settle in and build up.  Instead, your cat is always drinking from a clean, hygienic container. We call this flower magic!

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2. Frisco Gravity Refill Pet Waterer

The Frisco Gravity Refill Pet Waterer is no ordinary water bowl! It’s a unique self-replenishing oasis that provides seemingly endless hydration for your pet. One amazing thing about the gravity waterer is how it automatically refills the reservoir after your pet drinks, making you rest assured that they won’t be left thirsty when you’re out working (or partying, lol). It features a water bottle on top that has a very large opening for easy refilling and cleaning, and a base with easy-to-lift fitted handles, allowing you to move the water fountain to wherever you want in your home.

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The Frisco Gravity water fountain is a perfect product for daily use for cats of all ages, and even other pets as well – from gerbils and hamsters, rabbits, and ferrets to dogs. It comes in a variety of different sizes so you get to pick whichever one best suits your cat’s needs.

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3. Drinkwell 360 Stainless Steel Pet Fountain

This product has been designed to increase your pet’s desire to drink more water by exemplifying a natural water source, rather than some boring, stagnant water bowl. It has the capacity to hold a gallon of water, which makes it suitable for owners of multiple pets. In addition, the stainless steel construction offers great resistance to bacteria and makes maintenance simple. In fact, it can be thrown into a dishwasher (excluding the pump)!

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It also has rubber feet that prevent sliding and adjustable flow control to minimize splashing. In all, this product is a good choice for both small pets and large, giant breeds.

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4. PetSafe Sedona Ceramic Cat Fountain

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The PetSafe Sedona Pet Water Fountain is an elegant water-container upgrade that is perfect for households with many pets. It features a large drinking dish that allows multiple pets to drink at the same time, and it accommodates pets of all sizes. It utilizes a super-quiet pump, so your skittish cats won’t be afraid to approach the water fountain. The PetSafe Sedona Pet Fountain has been manufactured with a sleek design, featuring a ceramic tower and force-resistant transparent plastic dish that reduces spills and splashes. More importantly, it features a replaceable foam filter that captures debris and hair, and an activated carbon filter that removes odors and bad tastes. It is also dishwasher safe (only the top rack).

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5. Cat Mate Shell Plastic Pet Fountain

With the capacity to hold as much as 100 ounces of water, the Shell Plastic Pet Fountain by Cat Mate is sure to provide your furry pet with an enjoyable flow of clean water. It features multi-height water drinking platforms with a shell attachment which forms a stream of naturally oxygenated, cold water to entice your “paw-toner”. This innovative water fountain offers 3 stages of filtration, thereby preventing unhealthy debris deposits. It also has minimum and maximum water level indicators so that your cat never goes to an empty fountain with an alarming sound that goes off when the water level is down. You can get this product with free shipping when you use the button below.

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So there you have them: the 5 top cat fountains for your sunshine. Getting a cat water fountain is a prerequisite for maintaining a long and healthy life for your best bud. To get any of the above amazing products at the best price, use the button below.