If you need to travel with your cat there are steps you should take to ensure your cat’s safety.  This info is regarding traveling by car with your cat.

One of the most important things you must do for a safe trip is to keep your pet cool.  In the summer, you need to make sure your car is air-conditioned.  Just a few minutes in a hot car can lead to heatstroke or death. If your cat is especially susceptible to getting overheated (for example, Persians because they have long hair and short noses), you should freeze cool packs, wrap them in a thin towel or cloth, and place them in the bottom of the carrier. Keep some extra cool packs in a small ice chest.

NEVER leave your cat alone in your car in the sun or shade for even a few minutes. A cat can get overheated and very sick in only a few minutes.


  • Have your cat’s medical records with you. You should also have a current health certificate and your vet’s phone number.  If the trip causes a flareup of a health problem, these documents are crucial.
  • Current Photo of your Cat. Heaven forbid kitty gets lost, you need a good photo.  Be sure you can make copies if necessary.  If your cat has any identifying marks, write them down.
  • Disposable Litter Pans – These are a godsend when traveling. Amazon sells a variety of them, some even have the cat litter included.  To avoid a mess, use just about ½” litter in the pan – that’s adequate.
  • Cat Food – You need to keep your cat on his regular food. A sudden change in diet could cause a bout of diarrhea.  Because some areas of the country may not sell your cat’s regular cat food, be sure to pack enough of your cat’s regular cat food.
  • Harness – Purchase a proper fitting H Type harness. This is secure and comfy for your cat.
  • Cat Carrier – A quality hard plastic carrier is the best suited for travel – sturdy, easy to clean and allow for good air flow.
  • Retractable Lead – the smallest size should be best. This works well when you take a break on your trip and want to let your cat get some air.  (Be sure to attach the lead with the car doors closed.)
  • Water Bowl and Water – A metal bowl and a supply of water bottles, preferably the water he is used to initially (there is a difference!)

IMPORTANT – Make sure your cat is microchipped.

So get everything ready that kitty needs and happy travels!


Needless to say, moving is a very stressful experience for humans and even more stressful for your feline companions.  By doing a few simple things you can help keep your cat safe and secure during your move.

First, you need a secure room for your cat.  During your move doors will be opened constantly, an ideal opportunity for your cat to bolt and run out of the house.  To prevent problems, either board kitty (I know I don’t like boarding, do that only if absolutely necessary and only for one night if possible) during the move or set up a secure room for your cat.  If you have an extra bathroom, consider putting a soft bed, food and water and a litter box in that room.  Put a “DO NOT ENTER” sign on that bathroom’s door and be sure to inform your movers that absolutely no one is to enter that room. It’s also a good idea to keep a radio with either a talk station or soft music on in the bathroom to keep kitty calm, help him sleep and block out some of the outside noise.

Home sweet home – Once you’re in your new home, set up a room just for your cat for about a week.  Keep your kitty confined while you’re going in or out while unpacking as well.  Spoil your cat to make him happy in his new home, perhaps with treats or his favorite food.  He’ll be less inclined to bolt.

Be sure to put a name tag with your new address and phone numbers on your cat’s collar.