Well, seriously, why am I like this? Black cats, in my humble opinion, are the best and are certainly not bad luck. Now I’d like to tell you about the most exciting time I ever had…

One day I got an opportunity to show off my beautiful self. My dad entered me in a pet show! Hehe, lucky me. I looked gorgeous with a lovely red bow if I do say so myself. The hall was beautifully lit with flashing lights which were covering every nook and corner of the place. On our entry, all the spotlights were on us and I instantly stole the show (or at least that was what dad said!). I could hear some cats hissing at each other, but I must say I was very well behaved. Every owner was quite confident that he or she is certainly going to win the prize. How delusional, I am going to win for sure!  We got a seat near the stage. I could easily judge all the little kittens before I rocked the stage with my presence.

The prime goal of the pet show was to highlight the eye-catching cats. It was like a debutante ball for cats. It began with a Birman cat. With her marvelous and booming social personality, she walked on the ramp.

Next was Balinese-Javanese Cat which was nimble but quite muscular. It is an easygoing breed with a clown-like personality. The Balinese adores people. This regal, aristocratic, intelligent cat is talkative and has a beautiful fur coat.

Next came a huge round of applause because the next cat that took the stage was a Himalayan Cat. It is a sweet and mild-tempered feline. She’s affectionate but very selective. Although she loves lazing around in your lap and being pet, she may remain reserved around guests.

Next in line was a Cornish Rex Cat that was bat-eared, big-eyed and wavy-coated. This active cat has a small, whippet-like body and loves to climb, leap and sprint.

With every passing contestant, I felt even more alive and even more conceited about my appearance.  I mean really, if you’ve got it, flaunt it! Then after a few minutes of delay, I graced the stage with my presence. At first, nobody really hooted for me but after seeing my confidence and pride, I gathered a huge round of applause and hoots from the audience. Well, even though I was most certainly the best-looking cat there, I am sorry to say that the Himalayan cat won best in the show.  I think maybe the judges needed new glasses, what do you think?